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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saying goodbye to a love/hate relationship

I told myself that after my twins turned one, I would wean them from the pacifier. The thing that they love so much. The thing that made my life miserable and better all at one time. I hated those things but I could not live wihtout them. My kids were always losing them and I was always freaking out if I couldn't find one or if we went out and forgot to take them with us. I always thought that my kids were relatively quiet babies but maybe that was just becuase they had a cute, colorful piece of plastic and silicone in their mouths all the time. Right now, my son is screaming in his crib. It is time for him to go to sleep and all I would have to do is put one of those things in his mouth and all would be right in his world. But it's for his own good. just got quiet. Ahhhhh, peace. Mummy is trumphant at last. We are not detoxing them cold turkey just yet. I am just not giving it to them during the day and while I am giving it to them at night, my friend reminded me of this neat little way to wean them. You cut off a tiny bit of the tip of the pacifier every so often and eventually your child is weaned. The funny thing is when I went to cut it, I actually felt anxiety like "Am I sure I really want to do this?" It is so crazy, human beings' natural aversion to doing things we know might be slightly difficult or uncomfortable even when we know that it is better for the bigger picture and that it won't last forever. Ah well, they are asleep and I have a butt load of cleaning to do before my lord (aka my hubby) comes home. Have a good night in bloggy land. Holla!!!!


Kitty said...

Your blog is cool. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old (first tooth today!!!). My first had a pacificer till he was 6 months and we 'taught him to sleep' and took it away. All the screaming in one go! It worked. The new little one has never taken to the fake boobie and never will. He sleeps great, but gee I miss having that 'instant quiet' trick at the mall. I'm thinking of you during this transitional time. It's hard - but worth it. Good luck :o) x

Lady T said...

whoa, this is a major can do it! there aren't that many adults walking around with pacis....this can be done.


Big Momma Black said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!! Acutally, it is not going as bad as I thought it would. My husband just managed to get the kids to sleep without any screaming and no paci's. I swear one day he is going to open his shirt and I am going to see a big S for SuperDad. He is great and I am soooo blessed to have him.