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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Father crashes truck, leaves young son to die

You can read the whole story in it's entirety here. The condensed version is this guy is driving in a pick-up with his nine year old son at 1:30 am, he strikes a parked car on the shoulder of the freeway, the boy dies in the crash and he leaves the scene. When the police and the boy's mother arrive to the scene, she says that he called her and told her about the crash but he didn't tell her his whereabouts. The police saw two men watching them from a ways off and, upon questioning them, found out that it was indeed the man they were looking for and his brother. He is in jail and awaiting trial. His charges include drunk driving and manslaughter.
This story aptly shows what our society is coming to. This man was worried about his own hide, left the scene and didn't even think about his son. Now while I am not sure exactly what happened, I can speculate that his son probably didn't die right away and maybe could have been helped. I can only imagine what the mother must be going through. What happens in a society when people don't want to take responsibility for their actions, no matter how dire the consequences? A society where people have little integrity and little character? A society where people have no respect for life?
I began to just type this scripture to put it in here and then as I studied it I couldn't just put it in here but I had to break it down so you could see that it is an EXACT description of our society and that the bible is true:
(the added expalantions are what I gathered from various commetaries)

2Timothy 3: 1-5
"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be

Lovers of their own selves: Selfish regard of their own interests which interferes with the rights and comforts of others

Covetous: Lovers of money

Boasters: Vain; valuing themselves above all others

Proud: Airy, light, trifling persons; those who love to make a show-who are all outside

Blasphemers: Those who speak of God and sacred things in an unholy way

Disobedient to parents: headstrong children whom their parents cannot persuade or control

Unthankful: Persons without grace, or gracefulness; who think they have a right to the services of all men, yet feel no obligation, and consequently no gratitude; an obvious decline in religion because religion makes us grateful to every benefactor-both God and man

Unholy: Without piety; having no heart reverence for God

Without natural affection : Without that affection which parents bear to their young, and which the young bear to their parents. An affection which is common to every class of animals; Intemperate, fierce - Both too soft, and too hard

Truceebreakers: those who are bound by no promise, held by no engagement, obliged by no oath; persons who readily promise any thing, because they never intend to perform; those who are unwilling to enter into any agreement; that is, either those who are unwilling to be reconciled to others when there is a variance; or those who disregard treaties or agreements

False accusers: Slanderers; striving ever to ruin the characters of others

Incontinent: Literally, “without strength;” that is, without strength to resist the solicitations of passion, or who readily yield to it

Fierce: Ungentle, harsh, severe, and is the opposite of gentleness and mildness; Wild, impetuous, whatever is contrary to pliability and gentleness

Despisers of those that are good: Not lovers of good men; Those who do not love the good must be radically bad themselves

Traitors: Any one who betrays - whether it be a friend or his country; those who deliver up to an enemy the person who has put his life in their hands

Heady: Headstrong, precipitate (hasty), rash, inconsiderate;
ready to do anything without deliberation, or concern for the consequences

High-minded: Inflated with pride or self-conceit; frivolously aspiring; those who are full of themselves, and empty of all good

Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God: They live for pleasure; they have no serious pursuits; they brook no restraints which interfere with their amusements, and they greatly prefer the pleasures to be found in the gay assembly, in the ball-room, or in the place of low dissipation, to the friendship of their Creator; pleasure, sensual gratification, is their god; and this they love and serve; God they do not

Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: They profess religion, or are in connection with the church but oppose the real power of religion; not allowing it to exert any influence in their lives. It imposes no restraint on their passions and carnal propensities, but in all respects, except in the form of religion, they live as if they had None; those who have all their religion in their creed, confession of faith, catechism, bodies of divinity, etc., while destitute of the life of God in their souls; and are not only destitute of this life, but deny that such life or power is here to be experienced or known

and from such turn away"

Now, if that isn't a desciption of our society as showcased by this article, I don't know what is.

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you right. so true.