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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Car trouble and a new resolve not to eat away my stress? Baaaaaaad Combination.....

We have been having trouble with our cars recently. We have a 2001 hyudai elantra and a '94 camaro. The hyndai is all jacked up. Transmission problem, it overheats, the radiator is cracked. We have to drive with the heat on in the middle of the summer so that it doesn't spontaneously combust and burn us to a crisp. The camaro can be driven, but you can't run in the 7 eleven and then run back out and cut it on because the battery is in need of a replacement. Actually, it cut off on me in the middle of the street as I was turning so I was blocking two lanes and the stupid thing is some guy drove past and had the nerve to get upset with me like I just felt like parking my car right in the middle of these two lanes for no apparent reason. Who does that? Anyway, we don't have the money to address these issues right now and don't know what our options are so the stress level is a teensy bit high right now. And when most people are stressed, what do they do? They medicate! Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Shopping, picking their nose (oh, that's just me). And who is my Dr. Feel Good? You guessed it! FOOD! Ice cream, pasta, oatmeal, frozen pizza, pot pies (weird list, huh?). But, waaaait a minute. I am trying to lose weight. Dang it! What to do now? Isn't that just like life? You got a good thing going, you get into a routine that seems to work for you and then BAM! you have to reinvent yourself. So I am looking for new ways to destress. I remeber hearing a quote from this guy (I don't know his name) who wrote the book "Lose it for life" and he said that deciding to lose weight comes with some risks one of them is having to endure anxiety unmedicated. I thought that was a brilliant point. I have to come to grips with the reality that there are going to be times when I am going to feel anxious, frustrated, saddened, confused, angry and in order to be successful, I am not going to be able to medicate myself with food. That is tough. That is all I know to do. I even thought about sending in a postcard to that said "I treat food like it's my best friend but I have 180 extra pounds to prove that it's not." But I have to change. This is my life we are talking about here. And no matter how many pizza rolls I eat, one car still overheats and the other one still dies. I need to make a memo to myself that if it doesn't do anything to change the situation, then what the heck is the point of doing it? Case in point: binge eating.

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