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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Most people don't like house work, but it bites even more when you're fat

Well, today is day one of my "new attitude" and I am still the same old me. I am writing about an issue that plagues most housewives and those that don't stay home and that issue is housework. There are a scant few that acutally "like it", but the vast majority would rather someone else do it. With that being said, it is even doubly whack when you are overweight. Last night, as I was washing the dishes, my back was aching so bad that I literally spread my legs in a wide stance to shorten myself so I wouldn't have to bend so far over into the sink. It's bad enough that I am already six feet tall but when you add 180 extra pounds and size G breasts, it's just not a good combo for old mister spine. I seriously contemplated getting a stool to sit on or something but it would take me too long to wash the dishes sitting. Also, I was making my bed, just making my bed, and broke out into a sweat and got winded. Everytime I bend down to pick something up I have to bend down two or three times because what happens is I bounce back up from my fat squishing together and miss picking up the object. I have a hard time cleaning my tub because it has the sliding doors and the toilet is right in front of it so I have to get in the shower just to clean it and boy, does that wear me out. The funny things is, when I look around my house and see that it is a mess, the first thing I think is "Dang, the house is a mess, I wonder what I can eat." like that is supposed to help. One of my first lines of defense (at least in my mind) when I am overwhelmed by the housework (or anything for that matter) is to eat. I have been gaining ground in the housework area but still I really have to force myself because all I want to do all day is lay in the bed or sit in front of the computer. I can totally see how people get so big they can't get out of bed now. Well, today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. And every moment is another chance for you to excel. Now if I could just follow that..........

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