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Friday, August 10, 2007

My thursday thirteen, but it's friday so it's friday thirteen again....AAACK!

1. That my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, died to save me from my sins and desires to know me....that will ALWAYS be my first one.

2. That I have a roof over my head and my basic needs are provided for. We have been having bad car troubles these past few weeks and I have to take the bus sometimes (absolutely taboo in southern California) but most of the world doesn't even own a car and some of the world can't even say their basic needs are met. I can make that statement and then some so I shouldn't complain (even though I do).

3. That I have a wonderful husband that puts up with me being a crappy wife lately and I know he still loves me. He's not going out to the bar all night or sending text messages to some bimbo at work. For that reason alone, I am motivated to be better.

4. For music, without which my brain would shrivel up and life would be just, plain bland......bleaaahhh....

5. For my babies. As much as they get on my nerves, and I cherish the moments when they are sleep, they went to spend the week at Grammy's and I still cried when they left and am about to cry now. I was at a friends house after they left. I thought I saw something on the floor, and thought it would be one of their little faces crawling around the couch to peek at me, but nothing was there. I need to remember that the next time I am frustrated with them that if they were gone, nothing would be there in the HUGE place in my heart I have for them.

6. For Dr. Laura. She reminds me when I am being a crappy wife and that I need to "Do the right thing".

7. For ears to hear, eyes to see, a mind to think and a heart to love.

8. For flip flops. Sometimes just feeling a cool breeze on your feet can be a pick-me-up.

8. For all of you who write and encourage me and laugh at my jokes, it really means a lot to me to see all of your comments.

9. For make-up. I positively love the stuff

10. For books. You can be in a whole different world without even getting out of your seat.

11. For my friends. They make me laugh and they make me think and they make me want to be a better person.

12. For prayer. A tool that, to be honest, I don't use nearly as much as I should but I am going to give thanks for it because it is powerful and it does work.

13. For God's word that is true and unchanged and will last eternally.


sandy said...

...why do i find it hard to believe that you're ever a bad wife? you're just being hard on yourself, right?

Big Momma Black said...

Ha Ha. Would that it were true. Yes I, even I, sometimes am a crappy wife. But, my husband is merciful and I do get my act together for the most part.